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Are there any pain points in mango preservation? Liquid nitrogen quick freezing thawing problems!

2020-07-26 20:36:56

  In the summer during the abundance period, instead of selling them in large quantities at low prices, it is better to freeze them until the off-season  then sell them. In this way, consumers can taste delicious mangoes in the off-season,  the industry can earn reasonable profits. This article will introduce how to freeze mangoes in order to maintain the quality as they are harvested.



Mango has low acid content, sugar-acid ratio is about 40, vitamin C content is  too high, but the content of β-carotene ranks first among tropical fruits. Mango contains mangiferin, which has obvious anti-lipid peroxidation effect, protects brain neurons, delays cell senescence,  improves brain function. The results show that the double helix quick-freezer can significantly increase the red blood cell catalase activity  reduce the red blood cell hemoglobin. It also has the effect of dispelling wind  relieving cough,  has auxiliary treatment effects on cough, phlegm,  asthma.

   Quick-frozen mango chunks are quick-frozen mango products made by cutting fresh ripe mangoes into pieces  going through a series of processing processes. This prolongs the storage time of mangoes  facilitates long-distance transportation. The processing of fresh  ripe mangoes into quick-frozen mango blocks can keep the original flavor, color  nutrients of mangoes to the maximum.


The difficulty of mango preservation

   1. Unable to control ripeness

   To keep the mangoes circulating in the best state, the ideal is to pick them in a semi-ripe state. Harvesting starts before it is ripe,  when it is distributed to retail stores  restaurants, it is almost mature. If stored for more than a week, the surface will begin to spot, become soft  difficult to sell. Even if stored in cold storage, mangoes maintained at a low temperature of 7°C tend to turn black  their texture becomes watery. Especially in the summer during the abundance period, mangoes are very easy to mature  difficult to preserve,  circulation has become a problem that the industry has to face.

  2, freezing changes the taste

   If stored in a freezing method, it can maintain a fixed degree of ripeness without becoming soft  rotten. The epidermis can also suppress the appearance of black spots.

   However, there is a serious problem that the taste of mangoes will drop drastically after thawing. Because the ice crystals produced during the freezing process break the cell structure, causing water to emerge after thawing. If the price of the tunnel quick-freezer is watered, the original taste cannot be maintained, resulting in a decrease in the value of mangoes. So, in what way can it be effectively preserved?

   Use rapid freezing to solve the problem of mango preservation.

  What is the super fast liquid nitrogen quick freezer?

   Extremely fast liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine simply uses liquid nitrogen as a medium to quickly cool down, so that the center of the food can quickly reach -18°C  quickly pass through the largest ice crystal formation zone. In this way, the ice crystals inside the food can be effectively reduced, so that the cell tissue can be kept intact   destroyed.

  The problems solved by the introduction of ultra-fast liquid nitrogen quick-freezing function

  First of all, the ultra-fast liquid nitrogen quick-freezer can solve the problem of poor taste  taste. Because in the cooling process, ice crystals will  damage the cell tissue  cause water to flow out, so the flavor will  be lost after thawing. Therefore, fully ripe fresh mangoes can be directly frozen  preserved to extend the circulation time.

  This can maintain the quality of fresh mangoes.  because it can be stored in the warehouse together with the skins,  then moved to the general freezer after rapid freezing, it can solve the problem of processing manpower  lack of labor during the rich production period.