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Liquid nitrogen quick freezing can be used on board! This seafood is more fresh!

2020-07-26 20:22:49


As we all know, after the fish, shrimps, crabs shellfish are caught, they are transported turbulent to the aquatic market. They seem to be alive, but when they are out of their own growing environment, they start to fast.

The next step is to continue to consume their own fat nutrients, even some unscrupulous merchants secretly add some "materials" in order to make those dying aquatic products look more "active", which seriously deviates the demands of consumers themselves. The double spiral quick-freezer even threatens your health!

  Unless you go out to sea go on a boat to try to catch eat immediately, instead of to deal with troubles, it is better to choose those quick-frozen seafood that are more delicious nutritious than live seafood! Because the two taste almost the same.

Generally speaking, "Boat Frozen" is a large-scale fishing boat. The fish, shrimp, shellfish, crab just caught are processed directly on the boat (washing-removing the internal organs (optional)-blanching (optional)-packaging /Frozen) other processes, in which liquid nitrogen is used to directly freeze at minus -196 degrees after being blown with steam.

  The advantages of frozen seafood



1. Protein will automatically discharge acid at minus 30 degrees, which greatly reduces the purines, so eating this kind of seafood will cause gout. 2. The freshness of seafood is kept in the original flavor. They are caught while foraging in the wild are absolutely fresh.

   After freezing at low temperature, the quality of seafood is guaranteed to the greatest extent. After thawing, it can present a fresh taste sufficient nutrition! The freshness is even better than those live seafood that has been transported over long distances! Generally, modern ocean fishing uses the "boat freezing" method!

   How to cook frozen seafood reasonably?

   First of all, once the quick-frozen seafood is thawed, it should be cooked immediately, otherwise the vitality of microorganisms enzymes will be restored, causing seafood deterioration nutrient loss.

   The temperature time of cooking depends on the type of seafood the degree of freshness. Generally speaking, use a high fire at the beginning of cooking, switch to a low fire when it boils.


What is a liquid nitrogen quick freezer?

  Quick-freezing machine freezes the center temperature of quick-frozen items to -18° in a short period of time, so as to achieve no loss of nutrients, no change in phase, crystal clear color. Quick freezer is a kind of high-efficiency freezing equipment that can freeze a large amount of products in a short time.

  Quick-freezing is the first step in the quick-freezing process of food, it is the most important thing. A quick-freezing machine can determine the quality of quick-frozen food, which can often reflect the strength of a food company. Due to the different refrigeration raw materials required by the quick-freezer, there is a gap in the refrigeration capacity. The traditional liquid ammonia refrigeration Freon quick-freezing tunnel quick-frozen food require at least two hours. The quality of the frozen food is obvious, the product tastes poor, the degree of danger is high. Hidden safety hazards have occurred environmental protection has been damaged. At present, the state's supervision of environmental protection has increased, companies that do comply with environmental protection have been ordered to suspend business for rectification. Various companies are looking for alternative quick-freezing equipment.

   Liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen, which is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C. As a refrigeration raw material, liquid nitrogen is characterized by fast refrigeration speed short freezing time. It can quickly cross the ice crystal node of the product. While seamlessly spraying cooling, it can form uniform fine ice crystals inside the product, quickly locking the product’s moisture nutritional value , So that the production efficiency of the product the preservation of the product's refrigeration value the improvement of the nutritional value are beyond the reach of liquid ammonia freon as refrigeration raw materials. Since liquid nitrogen refrigeration uses the characteristics of liquid nitrogen vaporization, it is harmless to environmental protection better meets national standards.

   The cooling speed of liquid nitrogen is about twice as fast as that of traditional liquid ammonia Freon, the total investment is 30% less than the traditional investment. This is an indisputable fact. Compared with general mechanical cooling equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen food has a mechanical dry consumption loss rate of 3 to 6%, while liquid nitrogen quick-freezing can be reduced to 0.25 to 0.5%. Liquid nitrogen quick freezing is based on liquid nitrogen phase change refrigeration the transformation of internal energy to achieve the purpose of quick freezing preservation. Unlike ordinary refrigeration systems, which require a large amount of electrical energy to drive the refrigeration machinery during freezing, so the principle of refrigeration, it It does need to consume power directly. Moreover, the maintenance cost is low, it is hygienic clean, it can be easily connected to the existing production line. Therefore, under the development trend of the refrigeration industry in the future, the quick-freezer using liquid nitrogen as the refrigeration raw material will definitely replace the quick-freezer using liquid ammonia Freon, become the first choice for refrigeration in the industry.