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It is difficult to keep fresh grapes fresh, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing effect is good

2020-07-26 20:31:16

  Grapes are the fruits we can find in supermarkets fruit shops.

Grapes contain fruit acid, fruit acid can help people digest food stored in the body, relieve intestinal pressure, protect gastric mucosa.  粉条速冻机

   grape seed extract is rich in more than 100 effective substances, of which unsaturated fatty acid-linoleic acid (an essential but synthesized by human body) accounts for 68%-76%, ranking first among oil crops, can help regulate blood lipids.

   French scientists have discovered that grapes have a certain effect on the prevention of thrombosis. It has a certain ability to reduce human serum cholesterol levels reduce platelet cohesion.

   But the work of keeping the grapes fresh is very difficult.

   Grapes are prone to rot, browning, shattering, water loss sulfur dioxide bleaching damage after harvest. Therefore, scientific refrigeration technology strict operation management must be adopted to maintain the freshness, nutrition safety of the grapes realize the high-quality circulation of grapes.


The use of traditional SO2 is harmful to humans, fruit manufacturers are looking for better ways to keep them fresh.

  Note: Four-stage sterilization preservation technology, including: normal disease prevention control in the fruit field, gaseous treatment before fruit storage, cleaning disinfection of fruit warehouses, SO2 preservative treatment during fruit storage.

  How to keep the grapes fresh for several months without any difference fresh grapes?

  I will talk about liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology here!

  Quick Freezer is a high-efficiency freezing equipment that freezes the center temperature of quick-frozen items to -18° in a short time, so as to achieve no loss of nutrients, no change in phase, color crystal clear, freeze a large number of products in a short time.

   The effect of the liquid nitrogen quick-freezer is more significant. The grapes quick-frozen with liquid nitrogen can retain the color fragrance to the greatest extent, there is no difference between fresh grapes after thawing.

   This is because liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant. Liquid nitrogen is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, has an extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C. As a refrigeration raw material, liquid nitrogen is characterized by fast refrigeration speed short freezing time. It can quickly cross the ice crystal node of the product. While seamlessly spraying cooling, it can form uniform fine ice crystals inside the product, quickly locking the product’s moisture nutritional value , The ice storage tube coil makes the production efficiency of the product, the cooling preservation of the product the improvement of the nutritional value of the product.