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The Japanese enthusiasm for salmon plummeted? Both sushi sashimi need liquid nitrogen to freeze!

2020-07-26 20:25:06

  Salmon, as a typical sea fish, has always been loved by everyone; why is salmon so admired? What is the nutritional value? Are there any food safety issues circulating on the market? Regarding salmon, some basic common sense also needs everyone to understand.

   Salmon, in fact, refers to "Atlantic salmon". The English translation of salmon refers to Atlantic salmon salmon.

   Salmon is more reliable in terms of taste. Because it is a kind of sea fish, it has a better layer of freshness, the umami taste is more obvious. The so-called "counterfeit salmon", also known as rainbow trout, is a fish that is farmed in fresh water, it has a strong smell of soil is easier to distinguish.

   1. Rich in protein.

  Like other fish, salmon is also rich in protein higher than other fish. Therefore, eating more salmon can maintain potassium sodium balance; eliminate edema. The corn kernel quick-frozen production line can also improve immunity because it is rich in high protein. Because protein is rich, it helps to protect the elasticity of blood vessels, so it can lower blood pressure. Hemoglobin is also a kind of protein, so it can buffer anemia help growth development.

   2. Rich in copper

Copper is an indispensable mineral for human health. It is related to the color of our hair. If copper is lacking, juvenile gray hair will appear. Moreover, copper affects the blood, central nervous immune system, skin bone tissues, brain, liver, heart. The development function of other internal organs have an important influence. Lack of copper can also cause anemia, so supplementing salmon is one of the better ways to consume copper.

  3. Can prevent stroke

Because salmon can live in the deep sea, there is an unsaturated fatty acid in its blood, which can remove excessive saturated fatty acids in the blood, reduce blood lipids, strengthen blood circulation. The use of spiral freezers can also reduce the effect of lipid toxins on blood vessel walls. It destroys maintains the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, so it can effectively prevent stroke.

   4. Other effects

   Because salmon contains DHA, it is known as the protector of the brain, so it can enhance brain function prevent Alzheimer's disease. It can be used to assist in the treatment prevention of Parkinson's disease, stroke, vision loss other diseases. Salmon can also effectively prevent diabetes.

   Will salmon be threatened by microorganisms such as bacteria?



When it comes to the safety of salmon, it has always been a concern of many people. Many people think that salmon is particularly safe, because parasites other harmful substances cannot live in the sea, so salmon does contain parasites at all; Things may be as simple as everyone thinks.

In fact, there are relatively many types of parasites, they are particularly complex, their living environment hosts are even more different. Although some parasites that you often hear in life cannot live in the sea, they are parasitic on the surface of marine fish. There are actually a few parasites outside in the body; among them, the parasites of marine fish that are most easily infected are "Anisakis."

This kind of parasite is a typical seawater parasite, there are many kinds of marine fish that are infected. The maintenance consumption of the spiral single freezer into the human body can easily damage our health; the treatment method for this parasite is also relatively simple, high temperature Just heat sterilize;

  In contrast, in order to retain nutrients without affecting the normal taste of salmon, we use "freezing" more for salmon;

  Speaking of this, salmon actually has some problems, which we need to look at scientifically.

 As the most well-known recognized food export in Japan, sushi has long become a cultural symbol. But the very unpopular is the earliest sushi, which is just a way of preserving fish...Sushi fish materials are mostly deep-sea fish, such as bluefin tuna, salmon, even cod, because sea fish is less dangerous than river fish. Up.

The liquid nitrogen quick-freezing fresh-keeping of salmon requires proper pre-treatment. It is quickly frozen by liquid nitrogen quick-freezing, is packaged stored at -18°C— -20°C (generally required, different foods require different temperatures). Low-temperature products at the place of consumption have the greatest advantage of completely using low temperature to preserve the original quality of the food (reduce the heat inside the food the energy that supports various chemical activities, while freezing part of the free water of the cells, reducing water activity) , Without resorting to any preservatives additives, while keeping food nutrition to the maximum. It has the advantages of delicious, convenient, healthy, hygienic, nutritious, affordable (staggering the seasons, improving food value creating higher benefits). Generally speaking, the quality of quick-frozen food is always higher than that of slow-frozen food. Quick-freezing can well avoid the adverse effects of ice crystal growth on frozen food during the freezing process, thereby affecting the taste nutrition of the food, so it is necessary Add any preservatives additives.