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What should we pay attention to for silver carp farming? Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing is more novel good

2020-07-26 20:38:59



Speaking of freshwater fish, I have to mention silver carp. Silver carp is also called silver carp, jumping silver carp, water silver carp, silver carp. It belongs to the order Cyprinidae, Cyprinidae,  is one of the four famous big fishes. Silver carp has a fast growth rate, high yield, delicious meat  rich nutrition. It is one of the main farmed species in freshwater farmed fish. The meat of silver carp is very fresh  tender,  the nutrition is quite rich. Because silver carp is very easy to breed, the growth of silver carp is very fast  the investment cost is reasonable, so there are many people who breed silver carp in our country. According to the editor's understanding, many friends who breed silver carp are farmed in the countryside, so what should be paid attention to when breeding silver carp?

   Silver carp is a typical filter-feeding fish, which mainly feeds on phytoplankton. During the fry stage, they mainly eat zooplankton. When they are more than 1.5 cm long, they gradually switch to eating phytoplankton. Silver carp likes to eat grass carp dung  chicken  cow dung. Therefore, silver carp is often bred with grass carp. Lives in a body of water. According to the living habits of silver carp, silver carp is often mixed with grass carp, so there is a saying that grass carp is raised in grass carp. When human workers are breeding, silver carp can be fed soy milk, bean dregs powder, bran  rice bran, artificial micro-particle compound feed, etc., these bait silver carp also like to eat. At the same time, according to experience, silver carp is very interested in sour food,  also has an appetite for bad food.

If we want silver carp to grow better, we must provide them with a warm growing environment. In the growth of silver carp, we must stop liquidating the fish ponds.  only in the breeding process, the double-screw quick-freezing machine needs to liquidate the fish pond before the silver carp is cultivated. If we are using abandoned fish ponds, first of all we need to clean up the remaining silt in the fish ponds, but  all of them. We need to leave about 20 cm thick silt.

   After the silt is cleared, we still need to use quicklime to disinfect the fish ponds. When the poison is completely disinfected, we must drain all the water in. A few days in the sun usually takes ten days. After this work is completed, we need to inject new water into the fish pond,  we have to stop fattening the new water. We need to use the fully fermented farmyard fertilizer  put the fertilizer into the water.

   Adding fertilizer in the water of the pond  only enriches the water body with rich nutrients, but also grows a lot of plankton. These planktons in the double spiral quick-freezer can be food for silver carp in the future. These tasks are all preparatory work before the silver carp farming. The editor reminds everyone that you must be adequately prepared  don't have a bad influence on the growth of silver carp due to your own reasons. After these preparations are done, we need to choose silver carp fry, which is a very important task.

   The choice of silver carp fry is a key element that is related to the success of the entire breeding project  must be treated with caution. We need to choose high-quality silver carp fry. How can we judge whether the fry is of high-quality? Under normal circumstances, we need to choose fry according to the type of silver carp. If you want to breed silver carp  Changfeng silver carp, we have to choose lively, healthy body, no scars on the body  intact fins.

   If you want to breed silver carp, the fry you choose must be gentler, good eating,  strong. The editor reminds everyone that no matter what kind of silver carp you are breeding, when choosing fry, make sure that all fry are relatively average,  do  show fry that are too large  too small. Everyone must choose the fry according to the climatic conditions of the breeding area  the actual market conditions,  do  choose consciously.

   After choosing the silver carp fry, don’t worry about putting them in the fish pond. We have to stop the trial breeding  disinfect the fry, this work is very important. If during the trial breeding, the fry did  show any uncomfortable conditions  other unexpected things, we would be able to stock the fry into the fish pond.

  The appearance of the fish is  good enough   novel? You may need a liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment!

   First, let's understand liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen: liquid nitrogen. It is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable,  extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C. As a refrigeration raw material, liquid nitrogen has the characteristics of fast refrigeration speed  short freezing time, which can quickly cross the ice crystal nodes of the product. While seamlessly spraying  cooling, the internal structure of the product is composed of fine ice crystals, which quickly locks the moisture  nutritional value of the product , So that the consumption efficiency of the product  the preservation of the product's refrigeration value  the improvement of the nutritional value are beyond the reach of liquid ammonia  freon as refrigeration raw materials. Since liquid nitrogen refrigeration uses the characteristics of liquid nitrogen vaporization, it is harmless to environmental protection  better conforms to national regulations.