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Shaoxing Donglong Refrigeration Air Conditioning

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Telephone:0575-8218 9677    8260 5100

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Web site:http://www.sydolo.com



Web site:www.sydolo.com

Address:Dongshan Road, Economic Development Zone, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province

Shaoxing Donglong Refrigeration  Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.It is a scientific  technological enterprise specializing in the design, research  development, production, sales  service of "quick freezing equipment  refrigeration food machinery". The company is located in the high-tech industrial park-Shangyu Economic Development Zone. The company has extensive cooperation with many domestic colleges  universities to jointly carry out product development, update  technological innovation.

The technical level of Donglong's products is synchronized with that of foreign countries,  it has obtained a number of national patent technologies. Product quality  technology are in a priority position among domestic counterparts. The products are exported to Thailand, Egypt, Qatar, Cuba, India, the United States  other countries. Has a high reputation in the industry.

"Good equipment, made by Donglong"

Because of professionalism, the equipment we provide is energy efficient  easy to use.

Because of our focus, we provide sophisticated  sophisticated equipment.

Main products of the company:

1. Quick freezing device

Fluidized quick freezer, double spiral quick freezer, tunnel quick freezer, high-efficiency air-cooled quick freezer.

2. Refrigeration food machinery

All kinds of quick-freezing, fresh-keeping, cleaning  grading equipment for fruits  vegetables.

3. Refrigeration (heat exchange) equipment

Design, installation  commissioning of refrigeration (air conditioning) heat exchange equipment  cold source systems for freezing  refrigeration, completing the turnkey project.

4. Ocean fishing equipment

Conveyor  fish grading machine for ocean-going fishing vessels.

Donglong's development philosophy is "to win with superb technology, to win with excellent quality,  to win with thoughtful service".

Donglong's production  management philosophy is "professionalism, integrity, quality  innovation".

Donglong's product design concept is "optimization, energy saving, practicality  safety".

Based on the above concepts, Donglong can keep up with the requirements of the times in terms of equipment scheme optimization, equipment sanitation  safety, energy saving  high efficiency,  automatic control, which meets customer needs to a large extent. After more than ten years, product users have spread all over the country,  hundreds of fruit  vegetable food processing plants have selected our company's equipment. In the more competitive days in the future, Donglong Refrigeration will provide users with better equipment at a more reasonable price, more reliable product quality,  better after-sales service. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you  serving you!