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Liquid nitrogen quick-frozen garlic rice production process

2020-07-26 20:19:44


Production Process

  Raw material acceptance: The raw material requirements are basically complete, free of rot, damage, pests, sugar garlic cloves other defective products inclusions.

  Soaking: Soak the whole garlic in clean water for about 15-30 minutes, which is convenient for splitting peeling.

   Peeling: Use a garlic peeler to peel the garlic after soaking.

  Second Peeling: Manually peel the garlic cloves that are clean by machine peeling to ensure that the garlic skin is clean.

   Grading: The garlic wedges are detected graded according to customer requirements.

  Acceptance: The workshop has special personnel to check accept, remove defective products inclusions such as diseases insect pests, poor color, damage, dry scars, rot, spots, etc.

   Disinfection: The garlic rice that has passed the inspection is soaked in a 100 mg/L sodium hypochlorite solution for 15 minutes to kill the pathogenic bacteria on the surface.

   Cleaning: Rinse with running water to wash away the residual solution of sodium hypochlorite.

  Dehydration: Use an air dryer to remove the moisture on the surface of the garlic.

  Quick freezing: Put the garlic rice that has passed the above series of treatments into the liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine. The internal temperature of the production machine is below -25℃, the temperature of the product center after quick freezing is below -18℃.

  Packaging: Packaging must be carried out in a dedicated clean hygienic packaging room, the temperature of the controlled space is required to be within 0~10℃.

   Metal detection: All products must pass metal detectors, the workshop must be operated by dedicated personnel. The on-duty quality control staff conducts a sensitivity test every hour.

   Refrigeration: The packaged products should be put into the warehouse in time. In order to ensure the product quality requirements: the warehouse temperature is kept at -20±2℃, the center temperature of the finished product is below -18℃.



Quick freezing is the first step in food quick-freezing processing is the most important thing. A quick-freezing machine can determine the quality of quick-frozen food. The ice storage tube tray can often reflect the strength of a food company. Due to the different refrigeration raw materials required by the quick-freezer, there is a gap in the refrigeration capacity. The traditional liquid ammonia refrigeration Freon quick-freezing tunnel quick-frozen food require at least two hours. The quality of the frozen food is obvious, the product tastes poor, the degree of danger is high. Hidden safety hazards have occurred environmental protection has been damaged. At present, the state's supervision of environmental protection has increased, companies that do comply with environmental protection have been ordered to suspend business for rectification. Various companies are looking for alternative quick-freezing equipment.

   Liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen, which is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C. As a refrigeration raw material, liquid nitrogen is characterized by fast refrigeration speed short quick freezing time, which can quickly cross the ice crystal node of the product, while seamlessly spraying refrigerating, forming uniform fine ice crystals inside the product, quickly locking the moisture nutritional value of the product , So that the production efficiency of the product the preservation of the product's refrigeration value the improvement of the nutritional value are beyond the reach of liquid ammonia freon as refrigeration raw materials. Since liquid nitrogen refrigeration uses the characteristics of liquid nitrogen vaporization, it is harmless to environmental protection better meets national standards.

  The cooling speed of liquid nitrogen is about twice as fast as that of traditional liquid ammonia Freon, the total investment is 30% less than the traditional investment. This is an indisputable fact. Compared with general mechanical cooling equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-frozen food has a mechanical dry loss rate of 3 to 6%, while liquid nitrogen quick-freezing can be reduced to 0.25 to 0.5%. Liquid nitrogen quick freezing is based on liquid nitrogen phase change refrigeration the transformation of internal energy to achieve the purpose of quick freezing preservation. Unlike ordinary refrigeration systems, which require a large amount of electrical energy to drive the refrigeration machinery during freezing, so the principle of refrigeration, it It does need to consume power directly. Moreover, the maintenance cost is low, it is hygienic clean, it can be easily connected to the existing production line. Therefore, under the development trend of the refrigeration industry in the future, the quick-freezer using liquid nitrogen as the refrigeration raw material will definitely replace the quick-freezer using liquid ammonia Freon, become the first choice for refrigeration in the industry.