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Liquid nitrogen quick-frozen fruit allows customers to drink fresh fruit tea in winter!

2020-07-26 20:35:16



Winter is cold  dry,  it is almost freeze-dried. For the editor, the hand warmer in winter is  a hot water bottle, nor a hand warmer, nor a hot mobile phone...

   is a cup of hot fruit tea!

   The appearance is a hot drink that can capture the hearts of a group of girls. In the cold winter, holding a cup of fruit tea with value  pulp in the palm of your hand can be a pastime after school,  it can be a fruit tea that is decompressed at work.

  Freshness has become the most popular keyword in the new tea industry. Each tea shop relies on the "fresh hand-made" gimmick,  the double spiral quick-freezer triggers the effect of queuing internet celebrities,  also leads the trend of the consumption upgrade era.

Today with rising consumer awareness, the use of fresh fruits in the market is slowly increasing. Pursuing the quality of beverages is also a market trend, but it does  mean that fresh fruits must be used, because in store sales, fresh fruits are used purely. Fruit tea also has certain restrictions.

  In terms of product taste alone, first of all, fresh fruits are unstable,  the variety, season  batch will affect the taste of the product;

  Secondly, due to the obvious regional characteristics of some fruits, it is  easy to purchase in some areas  the price is high;

   Finally, due to the high cost of fresh fruit, the price of fruit tea may  necessarily be in harmony with the nearby consumption level.

   For many shops, the biggest problem in making fruit tea with pure fresh fruits is that they cannot produce standardized products.

Different batches of fruits in different seasons will produce different tastes  flavors. It is possible that the fruit of this batch will be used today,  the taste  flavor will be excellent, but tomorrow will be another batch of fruit, tunnel There will be differences in the taste of fruit teas made  wholesale quick-freezers.

  In the operation, the use of fresh fruits requires experience: buying, washing, peeling, pitting, cutting  other preparations, which are extremely cumbersome. In terms of storage, fresh fruits have a shorter shelf life.

   If you want to drink tea made of real fruits,  if you want to drink good tea, then use quick-frozen fruits. Compared with fresh fruits, quick-frozen fruits have more convenient production methods, easier control of production costs,  higher product standardization.

   The strong competitiveness of frozen fruits:

   1. Security:

   The quality control of cash-purchased fruits is difficult to guarantee,  is easy to deteriorate during storage; while quick-frozen fruits go through strict procedures of removing pesticide residues, cleaning,  disinfecting in the central factory,  the whole process of freezing is safe  worry-free;

   2. Easy to store, low loss:

  Fresh fruits have a short storage period. Fruits such as strawberries  mangoes are prone to mold, rot  spoilage. However, when quick-frozen fruits are frozen, the tunnel quick-freezer company has a relatively long storage period. Fresh fruits have to be peeled  oxidized after being cut. There is a lot of loss, while quick-frozen fruits can be used after opening the bag without any loss;

  3. Product standardization, consistent quality:

   The fresh cut quality of fresh fruits fluctuates greatly, personnel must be trained,  safety must be guarded. The quality of the products is greatly affected by human factors. The quick-frozen fruit can be used after opening the bag,  product standardization can be easily achieved.

   4. Convenient operation:

   Fast production, no need for sinks, knives, cutting boards  other tools;

   5. Higher quality,  subject to seasonal fluctuations:

  Fresh fruits are subject to seasonal fluctuations, both in terms of quality  price. Quick-frozen fruits are purchased at the origin of the fruits. The fruits are purchased in large quantities when they are fully mature,  then standardized production. Therefore, the quality is high, the price is cheap,  the supply can be stable throughout the year.

   Is there any way to make the fruit freshness better than frozen fruit in terms of visual, taste,  taste effects?

   Only a liquid nitrogen quick-freezer can produce quick-frozen fruits in large quantities. Quick-frozen fruits are much better than ordinary frozen fruits in terms of taste, taste, color  nutrition retention,  are comparable to fresh fruits.

  Quick-freezer is to make the center temperature of quick-frozen items reach -18C° in a short time.

   The liquid nitrogen quick-freezer uses liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant,  liquid nitrogen is liquid nitrogen, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable,  extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C. As a refrigeration raw material, liquid nitrogen is characterized by fast refrigeration speed  short freezing time. It can quickly cross the ice crystal node of the product. While seamlessly spraying  cooling, it can form uniform fine ice crystals inside the product, quickly locking the product’s moisture  nutritional value , So that the production efficiency of the product  the preservation of the product's refrigeration value  the improvement of the nutritional value are beyond the reach of liquid ammonia  freon as refrigeration raw materials.

  Frozen fruits can also make fruit teas with excellent taste,  inferior to fresh fruits,  the taste is stable  easy to control.