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Herring grading line

  • description

Patent number: 201220660593.0

Applicable to: automatic classification of aquatic fishes such as blue croaker, plum fish, small yellow croaker, sardine, saury.

1. Using Japanese fish grading technology, after grading, the size of the fish is clear does damage the surface of the fish (vegetable quick-freezing production line company).

2. The classification accuracy is above 95%.

3. The production line uses village quality: SUS304 stainless steel.

4. The pitch adjustment of the grading roller adopts pitch synchronization adjustment technology (patent number; 201220641731.0).

5. The grading output is high, the grading loading efficiency is improved, a lot of labor can be reduced, the production line occupies a small area.

Processing Technology (Spiral Single Freezer Price Wholesale)

Fish washing feeding → one stage of grading → lifting conveying → two stages of grading

Shipping specifications: 3-5 specifications (size can be adjusted)

Grading capacity: about 10-15 tons/hour (for herring, the output is related to the size of a single fish the freshness of the fish).

Schematic diagram of Qingzhan fish classification line structure




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