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Vegetable quick-frozen production line

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The vegetable quick-freezing pre-treatment production line is the feature of our company's absorption of advanced equipment at home  abroad,  humbly listens to the valuable opinions of users after use. After many technical improvements, the product technology has become more perfect. The production line incorporates a number of new technologies  processes. It is currently a complete automated production line that is widely used at home  abroad  has mature technology, specifically for the processing of fruits  vegetables before quick freezing. The production line follows the HACCP requirements for export food processing.

The actual use of dozens of quick-freezing plants at home  abroad has proved that the production line has the characteristics of scientific design, reasonable layout, reliable operation, convenient operation, wide vegetable processing versatility, good treatment effect, low investment  energy saving. It is ideal for vegetable quick freezing processing. Advanced  economical production line (price of vegetable quick-frozen production line).

Vegetable quick freezing processing technology: selection-washing-blanching-room temperature cooling-ice water cooling-draining-quick freezing

Vegetables suitable for processing: green beans, edamame, peas, snow peas, corn kernels, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, carrots, carob  other vegetables  fruits.

Production line specifications: 1-6T/h, customized according to customer needs.

Schematic diagram of vegetable quick-frozen production line structure蔬菜速冻生产线



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